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Hokkaido University Ambassador and Partner System Website is Launched!

The Hokkaido University Ambassador and Partner System Website was launched on October 31st, 2018.

Newly published website content includes articles such as a “Message from Hokkaido University Ambassadors”, “Letters from Hokkaido University Ambassadors and Partners”, etc.

On the “News & Reports” page, you can not only gain information for the many activities of Hokkaido University Ambassadors and Partners, but also submit your own report detailing your activities with HU for the HUAP Admin Office to publish. If you have any activities you would like published, please feel free to submit an upload request.

It is our hope that each HUAP member will use this website as one of their PR media tools for the collaborative activities between HU and your affiliated institution, and your colleagues of the Alumni Association.

Through the website, HUAP Admin Office hopes to strengthen the collaborative links between HU and HUAPs and to improve the reputation of HU around the world.

We appreciate your cooperation and contributions to keep HU ambitious!!