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Appointment of Ms. Outi Snellman as Hokkaido University Ambassador

The university has been appointing Hokkaido University Ambassadors and Partners to those who support and strengthen the university’s global network, community and international public relations activities since April 2016. To date, 31 Ambassadors and 126 Partners have been appointed from 34 countries.

On Wednesday, June 6, the Hokkaido University Ambassador Appointment Ceremony was held for Finnish Hokkaido University Ambassador Ms. Outi Snellman.

Ms. Snellman has been of great assistance in promoting collaborations between Hokkaido University and the University of Lapland. She was primary responsible for the opening of a joint symposium between Hokkaido University and Finnish Universities, the University of Lapland and University of Oulu, and established the program accepting students for Hokkaido University’s First Step Program, amongst other activities as Vice-President Organization at the University of the Arctic and Director of the University of Lapland. The University of Lapland has a long history of exchanges with Hokkaido University, having signed an Inter-University Exchange Agreement on June 2011.

The appointment of Ms. Snellman as Hokkaido University Ambassador will help further the development of international research collaborations with the University of the Arctic and University of Lapland, expand the Learning Satellite Program and Hokkaido Summer Institute, and promote educational and research exchanges between the more than 200 universities associated with the University of the Arctic.