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HU Prof. Kiyoharu Tadanaga visited HUA Prof. Fanor Mondragón Pérez at the University of Antioquia, Colombia, and delivered the HUA Appointment Certificate to him on November 27th, 2018.

Commemorative Photo for the Ceremony. Prof. Kiyoharu Tadanaga (3rd from left, front), HUA Prof. Fanor Mondragón Pérez (4th from left, front), and the students & staff of HU and UA.

Prof. Mondragón is one of the scholars who studied under Nobel-Prize winning chemist Professor Emeritus Akira Suzuki. Dr. Suzuki was the vice chair in Professor Mondragón’s dissertation committee when he received his PhD, and Dr. Suzuki mentioned that he could clearly remember Dr. Mondragón during his graduate school days.

Among his recent activities, HUA Prof. Mondragon worked to build up the Learning Satellite of HU at University of Antioquia.

Through this appointment, we expect to continue to strengthen the educational and research exchange activities between HU and the University of Antioquia.