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HU Partner Prof. Irina V. Balitskaya receives her HUAP Certificate (February 26th, 2019)

Prof. Balitskaya and Naomi Takeshima (Coordinator of HUAP Office)

Prof. Balitskaya, appointed an HU Partner on November 1st, 2018, received her HUAP Certificate during her visit to Hokkaido University on February 26th. She came as a representative of Sakhalin State University in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia, one of our counterparts for the RJE3 Program.

During her visit, she attended the RJE3 program’s Summary Symposium, where representatives from each counterpart university discussed upcoming curricula, operations, and management of the program as a whole.

Commemorative Photo for the RJE3 Symposium

The students who had studied with the RJE3 program also gave presentations regarding the topics they studied. Afterwards, the participants (students, professors, administrators, and others concerned about the project) exchanged their ideas on how to improve and expand the RJE3 program.

Prof. Balitskaya making a statement during symposium

We believe that our new HUAPs, Prof. Balitskaya, Prof. Ikkonikova, and Dr. Korsunov, will play a huge roll in expanding and strengthening the HU community in Russia, the RJE3 program, and more.

Prof. Irina Balitskaya at the Venue of Summary Symposium for RJE3 Program