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HUP Prof. Takahiko Masuda visit HU for the lectures at Hokkaido Summer Institute (July 2019)

Hokkaido University Partner Takahiko Masuda (Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Alberta, Affiliate Researcher, Center for Experimental Research in Social Sciences, Hokkaido University) lectures for a Hokkaido Summer Institute course.

The first course “Cultural Psychology, Frontiers in Cultural Psychology 2019” is for the undergraduate students and the course goals are to understand our daily behavior from a cultural perspective, to think critically about cultural customs that are otherwise taken for granted, and to think of various cultural differences (and similarities) in human behaviors.

The second course “Academic Paper-Writing Workshop for Cultural and Social Psychological Journals 2019″ is for graduate students and the course goals are to improve logical thinking, to learn efficient and effective communication skills in order to convey personal ideas, to be exposed to useful vocabulary, sentence structures, and idioms for English academic writing, and to get used to explaining research ideas in English.