Procedure for Appointing a Hokkaido University Ambassador or Partner

1. Selection

The Public Relations Office shall work with HU’s departments, overseas offices and affiliated organizations such as alumni associations to gather information on candidates and select ambassadors and partners. Candidates must be alumni of HU or people who contribute to education and research activities and international promotion activities of HU or any of its affiliated organizations. Ambassadors in particular must play a central role in organizational activities of the Hokkaido University Community, including overseas alumni in their region. Alumni working in industry-academia-government collaborations in a wide range of fields shall be selected. Referees shall recommend suitable candidates for an ambassador or partner position by submitting the Hokkaido University Ambassador and Partner Recommendation Form to the International PR Team. The application shall be subject to a selection process. Approval from an authority such as the dean shall be obtained before submitting a recommendation.

2. Appointment

Candidates shall be appointed as ambassadors and partners by the President of Hokkaido University. Appointed ambassadors and partners shall be given a certificate of appointment as well as a badge, business cards and multi-purpose greeting cards with the HU logo. Ambassadors shall also be given a desktop business card holder with the HU logo. Ambassadors in particular shall be invited to ambassador meetings held at HU as an opportunity to share the latest information about HU.

3. Terms

At the end of an ambassador’s three-year term, their work (primarily activities they carried out during their term) shall be reviewed and the ambassador may be appointed for another term by the President of Hokkaido University. There is no specified maximum number of terms for ambassadors. Ambassadors and partners are required to submit a Hokkaido University Ambassador/Partner Activities Report at the end of each academic year of their term. As partners have no fixed term, they shall report to the International PR Team at the end of each academic year about whether they wish to continue serving as a partner.

This will provide the International PR Team with information on ambassadors’ and partners’ activities and serve as reference information, particularly for decisions on whether to appoint an ambassador for a new term. The directory of ambassadors and partners shall be managed by the International PR Team.