Seoul National University and Hokkaido University Symposium

Hokkaido University (HU) and Seoul National University (SNU) have jointly held a symposium every year on a reciprocal basis since 1998 to commemorate the conclusion of an Inter-University Exchange Agreement between the two establishments in 1997.

The latest 20th event was successfully held in Seoul on 16 and 17 November 2017.

The event details are now available here:

 – Satellite Session 1: Centre for Environmental and Health Sciences (CEHS)

 – Satellite Session 2: Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

 – Satellite Session 3: Faculty of Medicine

 – Satellite Session 4: Faculty of Education

 – Satellite Session 5: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

 – Satellite Session 6: Graduate School of Letters

 – Satellite Session 7: Faculty of Engineering (Human Mechanical Systems and Design/Mechanical and Space Engineering)

 – Setellite Session 8: Faculty of Engineering (Materials Science and Engineering

 – Satellite Session 9: University Hospital


The 21 st event will be held in Sapporo in November 2018.

Updated on   January 26, 2018