HUSTEP Course Curriculum Spring Semester (Apr-Aug)


March 22, 2017 updated

1 Historical International Experiences
2 Countries and Culture
3 Dynamic Epistemic Logic and its Applications
4 Transcendence of the Good
5 Introduction to Logic
6 School Education and Society in Japan
7 Globalization and Sustainability in Japanese School Education
8 CalculusⅠ
9 Linear AlgebraⅠ
10 General BiologyⅠ
11 Maintenance Engineering
12 Applied Mathematics for Engineering Mechanics
13 Infrastructure Maintenance Engineering
14 Introduction to Robotics
15 Overview of Energy Technology and Policy
16 Medical Device and Biomaterials
17 Resources Sustainability
18 Food Resources and Environment
19 Agriculture in Hokkaido
20 Theory and Practice of Algorithms
21 Introduction to Environmental Earth Science
22 Basic Lecture on Antarctic Science
23 Modern Trends in Physical and Material Chemistry (First quarter)
24 Modern Trends in Organic Chemistry and Biological Chemistry(Second quarter)
25 Planet Earth and Environmental Footprint
26 Mathematics and physics of metabolic organization
27 Field Seminar in Pop Cultural Event Planning and Management
28 Japanese Management
29 Career Planning
30 Introduction to Historiography
31 Modern Japanese History
32 The Politics of History in East Asia
33 Culture I (Theory)
34 Introduction to Japanese Studies II (Culture)
35 Shintotsukawa regional revitalization/tourism workshop
36 Introduction to Japanese Politics A
37 Political Economy of Japan and East Asia
38 Language Issues in a Globalized World
39 Introduction to Japanese Society
40 Introduction to Social Theory
41 Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Japan
42 Foundations of Postwar Politics: Constitution and Constitutionalism
43 The Age of Total War: World History: 1904-1945
44 Topics in Japanese Thought
45 Truth of Human Language Syntax: Special Reference to the Comparison of Japanese-English
46 Practicing Basic Natural Everyday English
47 Practicing Basic Natural Everyday English
48 Introduction to Tourism Studies
49 Introduction to Tourism Studies
50 Japan and Multiculturalism
51 Animal-Human-Technology: Thoughts and Theories
52 Music and Culture A
53 Music and Culture B
54 Methods in language teaching
55 Methods in language teaching
56 Methods in language teaching
57 How We Learn Languages
58 Personal Stories and Religion
59 How We Learn Languages
60 Special Topics in Media Studies
61 Drama and Oral Interpretation
62 Dynamic and Effective Presentations
63 Food, Nutrition and Culture in Japan
64 Essential Physics Ⅰ
65 Thermodynamics and Electromagnetism
66 Essential Organic Chemistry
67 Basic Principles of Inorganic Chemistry
68 General Chemistry
69 Genetics
70 Phylogenetics
71 Cultural Psychology, Frontiers in Cultural Psychology 2017
72 Asian Society and Culture : Characteristics of Japanese Buddhism
73 Seminar in History and Anthropology.Pacific Music Festival 2017: Art, Politics, and Economy
74 Seminar in Sociology : Issues in the Japanese Sociology of Language
75 Social Ecology :Principles of Invasion Ecology
76 Social Ecology :Introduction to Management of Invasive Alien Species
77 Introduction to Japanese Law

78 Principles of Regional Economy and Business

79 Gene Designing

80 Contemporary Japan

81 Intersectionality of Migration, Ethnicity and Gender in East Asia

82 International Field School in Rebun Island

83 Social Anthropology in a Global Context

84 Visual and Media Anthropology

Updated on   April 04, 2017