Student Voices

These five students started the Japanese Language and Cultural Studies Program in October 2012. Find out what they have to say.

Leith Seamus (England)

Living and studying in Hokkaido is a once in a lifetime opportunity, one that will give you many great experiences whilst enabling you to improve your Japanese. Hokkaido is very different from other parts of Japan. Its natural beauty, distinctive four seasons and delicious cuisine make it an incredible place to live.

I came to Hokkaido University with the goal of improving my Japanese, and I really feel that I’ve achieved that goal. When I first arrived, I couldn’t really speak at all, but through the courses at Hokudai and interacting with my Japanese friends, I’ve gained a lot of confidence and was able to pass JLPT N1 in the winter.  The best thing about studying at Hokudai is definitely the people. At the international student center, there’s a real community spirit. Some of my best memories are of talking with my friends and meeting new people in the lobby, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, there is always someone to have a chat with.

Coming to study in Hokkaido is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, make sure you don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Leith Seamus

 Choirur Roziqin (Indonesia)

 Choirur Roziqin

I think that Hokkaido University’s JLCS program is one of the best study abroad programs in Japan. You can learn and experience not only Japanese language and culture but also different languages and cultures from your own through interacting with friends from Japan and all over the world.

I am enjoying my daily life at Hokkaido University very much. You are truly surrounded with the magnificent natural environment of Hokkaido that allows you to focus on your studies. Hokkaido University has the largest campus in Japan, which shows you distinctive four seasons. I am so happy I chose the Hokkaido University’s JLCS program! I would definitely recommend the program!

Litvishko Alina (Russia

I came to Hokkaido in September2014 and have been studying Japanese and Japanese culture as a Nikkensei student. It’s hard to explain by using only words, but this one year became really great experience for me. I can’t say it was easy, but it was extremely interesting year. Spending time improving my Japanese, discovering Japanese culture and amazing beautiful nature of Hokkaido, making new friends, everything was like a big adventure. I’m very thankful for the chance to study here. Welcome to Hokkaido University! And boys, be ambitious!

Alina Litvishiko

Fadala Kheloud Mohsen (Egypt)

Kheloud Mohsen

As a MEXT scholarship student, I had the chance to choose which university I wanted to go to and I chose Hokkaido University. I thought it was great. If I were to speak about the good points of the program, first, it would be the opportunity to take classes and learn among Japanese students. I took one of the classes and I made a lot of Japanese friends. My Japanese language has also improved and it was really fun. Secondly, if you have any concerns, the teachers and the staff at the International Student Center will kindly tell you what to do. Thanks to that, I never had to worry about anything. Hokkaido University’s beautiful campus helped me relax and focus on my studies. I only have one advice to the new Nikken students. Experience a lot of things, meet new people and enjoy the beautiful country that is Japan!

Cao Xinyu (China

As a JLSP student, I came to Sapporo in October, 2014, and have been studying at Hokkaido University for a year. One year is a short time, but I think it is a very precious experience for me. Teachers at International Student Center are friendly and warmhearted. Thanks to my teachers, my Japanese is improving little by little. I participated in various activities, such as parties, Japanese festivals and training camps. From this, I deeply understood the language and the culture of foreign countries and made many friends. The scenery in Sapporo is as beautiful as a painting and lots of outdoor activities can be enjoyed. For example, rafting, skiing and so on. Everyone, you are most welcome to enroll in Hokkaido University!

Cao Xinyu

Updated on   March 02, 2017