Special Research Students (For Graduate Students )

The following information is for applicants of Hokkaido University who wish to enter as Special Research Students at the Graduate Level – 2018-2019.

For those who wish to take courses in English, Hokkaido University offers ‘Degree programs in English‘, ‘Hokkaido Summer Institute‘, and ‘Exchange Programs in English‘.

Special Research Student (Graduate) -SRS-
Program Details

Half year or full year programs in which students are assigned to a particular graduate school and undertake research centered on their specialized areas same as regular students.

Application Form Issued on nomination basis
Nomination Deadline [Fall Semester 2018] March 27, 2018
[Spring Semester 2019] October 9, 2018

China Scholarship Council (CSC) – Chinese Universities only

CSC applicants must be nominated earlier than the nomination deadlines above. If you have CSC applicants, please contact us immediately.

Application Deadline

[Fall Semester 2018] April 27, 2018

[Spring Semester 2019] November 9, 2018

Results Notification

[Fall Semester 2018] Around July 2018

[Spring Semester 2019] Around January 2019

Course Duration

(half year or full year)

[Fall Semester 2018] October 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019

[Spring Semester 2019] April 1, 2019 – September 30, 2019
In principle, one semester or one year but applicant may choose on a monthly basis if prospective supervisor agrees.
Number of Students

Decided on a yearly basis.

There will be a screening at each graduate school. Not all applicants will be accepted.


Students who meet the following:

1. High academic record at home university in the field of desired graduate school

2. English or Japanese fluency in order to communicate with academic supervisor

Application Procedure

1. (Before applying) Students contact a professor to request academic supervision and receive unofficial agreement.

2. Home university coordinator nominates students by submitting the nomination sheet.

* The nomination sheet will be provided on request basis.

3. Hokkaido University provides the latest application form based on the nomination.

4. Students prepare the application documents.

5. Home university coordinator submits the application documents.

6. Hokkaido University screens the application.

7. Hokkaido University notifies the screening results and gives further instruction.

Required Documents

1. Application form

2. Certificate of Enrollment from Home University

3. Recommendation letter

4. Transcript of academic record (Undergraduate/Graduate)

5. Photocopy of Certificate of JLPT (if any)

6. Photocopy of passport

7. Three photos (3×4 cm, color and clear)

 This is general information and the required documents may vary depending on graduate schools.

Credits No credits are issued. Special Research Students only receive supervision.
Scholarships N/A
Accommodation  University dormitory / Room assignment is decided by Hokkaido University.

Updated on   December 21, 2017