About this Homepage

Welcome to Hokkaido University’s brand new Official English Website. Eighteen months in the making, this website is the product of months of collecting feedback from students, staff, faculty and the entire Hokkaido University community. We think we’ve built a home page that will make life easier for everyone.

What’s new about this site?

  • Our new Google-based Mapping. We have created 4 easy to use Maps designed to get you to where you want to go.
  • Our new fun and interactive ‘Discover Hokkaido University‘ feature content which uses scroll-down Paralax technology.
  • Our new Timeline – an image and text based history timeline using the Tiki-Toki application.
  • Almost 3 times as much content in English compared with our previous website which closed in April 2013.

Happy browsing!

If you have any feedback about this site, please contact the webmaster.


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Updated on   June 19, 2015