Transferable Skills Seminar – Successful Public Speaking –

Event | February 12, 2016

Finished Feb 12 2016


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This transferable skills seminar is targeted for international researchers (DC, PD).

Seminar will be conducted in English.

When the time comes for you to speak be it in the classroom, at the meeting, in front of colleagues, to your team, to the whole school, to the conference audience, etc. HAVE NO FEAR! …stand tall and confident and know you can deliver!


  1. 6 Impact Points For Persuasive Power
  2. Dealing with our fears of public speaking
  3. Understanding the power of congruency between what we say and how we say it
  4. Analysing our audience
  5. Determining the key purpose of our presentation
  6. Creating the right structure
  7. Designing and practicing our openings & closings
  8. Gaining persuasion power though using strong evidence
  9. Proper use of visuals
  10. Handling Q & A
  11. Lots and lots of practice 

■ Lecturer

Dale Carnegie Training Japan

■ Place

Centennial Hall 1st Floor Conference Room

■ Seminar date

2/12/2016 (Fri) 9:30-17:30

■ Eligible

Hokkaido University doctoral course students and postdocs whose native language is NOT Japanese

■ Max participants


■ Application Deadline

2/10/2016 noon

■ How to register

You must be registered in the Hi-System.

If you are not, please register here.

Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page and click “申し込む” to register.

If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail in three business days after registering, please contact I-HoP.


I-HoP :International Human Resource Development Program, Front Office for Human Resource Education and Development, Hokkaido University