Math for Social Creativity Programming Contest 2019

University News | November 07, 2019

Hitachi Hokkaido University Laboratory (Hitachi Hokudai Labo), established by Hitachi Ltd. on the premises of Hokkaido University, and Hokkaido University announce the jointly organized 2019 Hitachi Hokudai Labo & Hokkaido University Contest titled “Math for Social Creativity Programming Contest 2019.”

1st contest: November 8 – 21, 2019 (Problem A and B)

2nd contest: November 29  – December 12, 2019 (Problem C)

The programming contest is open to everybody, regardless of age, nationality, and gender. The winners of contests A, B, and C will be awarded ¥100,000, ¥200,000, and ¥300,000, respectively.

For more information, see the full contest description by clicking here.