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Qian Qian

Deputy Director, China National Rice Research Institute (CNRRI)

As an Alumnus of Hokkaido University, it was a pleasant surprise when I received the offer to become a Hokkaido University Ambassador. I am honored and will do my best to do something useful for HU.

I enrolled in the Agricultural College of Hokkaido University to study genetics and breeding in 1986 and got my master’s degree in 1989. At Hokkaido University, I systematically studied the genetics and breeding of rice and compared the advances of the research of rice between Japan and China, which offered me a good foundation for my career. The time I spent at HU was a very valuable and unforgettable experience. I will do my best to promote the discipline and development of Hokkaido University and wish that HU can develop its own unique style among the world’s famous universities.

Professor Qian Qian in Rice field

The group photo of Qian’s lab