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Prabhakar Ravaji Sarode

Former Dean, Faculty of Natural Science and Ex Head, Department of Physics, Goa University

It was a moment of immense pleasure to learn that I am now a part of one of the world-leading Universities, and I am already excited to work for this university.

I had worked with Professor Kiyotaka Asakura of the Institute for Catalysis on the structural properties of catalytic materials by X-ray Absorption Fine Structure spectroscopy. Results from this work and results from other investigations carried out in India on the same catalytic materials have led to a structural model which explains many properties of such kinds of materials.

I would like to devote some of my time in meeting and discussing with Vice Chancellors, faculty members, researchers and students of Indian universities for promoting and developing cooperation through the exchange of faculty members, research fellows, students, academic material, publications and information. This may result in the signing of some kind of agreement viz. MOU/MOA between HU and other Indian institutions.

I am looking for excellent students and Post Docs who would like to study and work at Hokkaido University and I am ready to help anybody in Hokkaido University who wants my help.

I am sure these types of activities will expand the reach and visibility of Hokkaido University worldwide.

Prof. Prabhakar Ravaji Sarode

Members of Dept. of Physics, Goa University

Members of Prof. Asakura’s Laboratory at HU