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Irina V. Balitskaya

Professor, Institute of History, Philology and Eastern Studies, Department of Foreign Languages and Culture Studies, Sakhalin State University
Vice-Chairperson, Friends of Hokkaido University Association in Sakhalin State University

When I was asked to become a HU Partner I was quite surprised, yet pleasantly impatient to dive into the new collaboration process.

I happily accepted the task to be a HU Partner as I thought it would greatly benefit both institutions and also be a unique experience for each member.

To all the other members of the community I would like to wish everyone a pleasant experience working together, and hope you will enjoy our cooperation.

Prof. Irina Balitskaya

2014 International Conference of the Korean Association for Multicultural Education in Hanyang University, South Korea

2014 Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong, Institute of Education (now University of Education)