HUAP Networks

Hasrizal Bin Shaari

Senior Lecturer, Director of Central Laboratory, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

An appointment as an HU Partner is a great honor. My first impression when I was informed by my sensei that he wanted to recommend my name as an HU Partner was excitement and inspiring as an alumni of HU.

The experiences and research activities that I conducted at HU shaped my academic pathway as an academic at UMT, especially in the field of paleoenvironmental studies. I am continuing to explore paleoenvironmental evolution in Malaysia as my core research subject.

As an HU Partner I will continue to promote good relations between UMT and Hokkaido University.

“My experience at HU was not merely a degree, but it helped me form a strong self-esteem and research ethic as a future academic leader at UMT.”

A meeting between the delegation of Universiti Malaysia Terengganu with Vice President of Hokkaido University Prof. Ichiro Uyeda in 2017.

Sediment sampling activity on board of UMT’s Research Vessel RV-Discovery.

Panoramic view of UMT’s Marine Nature Research Station, Bidong Island. This is one of the field stations that belong to UMT.