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Hirosuke Setoyama

Partner, Global Trust Co., Ltd.
Member, Hokkaido University Bangkok Elm Association

When I worked at an audit firm, I could only find a few Hokudai graduates, especially those who graduated from the School of Agriculture like me. Because of this, I didn’t get as much information compared to those in other fields.

However, I got the chance to meet my fellow Hokudai School of Agriculture graduate and accountant the late Mr. Matsutaro Morita through the HU Tokyo Alumni Association.

Even though we spoke only briefly, he gave me some great words of advice regarding my work that I remember still and often think back on.

My advice would be not nearly as valuable as that Mr. Morita gave me, but as someone who has experience in Southeast Asia, I would like to become someone who can be helpful to my fellow HU alumni.

At the time of this writing, there are still not many Hokudai graduates living in Yangon, Myanmar, but I hope to be able to use my new role as an HUAP to increase those numbers.

Shwedagon Pagoda the temple at Yangon, Myanmar.

Evening over the Yangon River.