HUAP Networks

Xianlong Li

Administrative Officer, Okayama University Office in Shanghai, China
Member, Shanghai Elm Association

When asked to become an HU Partner, I first thought that I wanted to strive to help expand and improve HU’s name recognition.

The learning at research I did at HU have been an asset to me after graduation.
As an HU Partner, I want to encourage study abroad at HU through the Chinese Alumni Network, hold Alumni Association meetings, and increase the amount of collaboration and cooperation between HU and universities in China. I want to help people become excited about HU.

I plan to deepen and strengthen the relationships and exchange efforts of HU.

12 people gathering as part of an alumni BBQ party at a farm operated by one HU alumnus near Shanghai. June 18, 2018.

The HU Shanghai Alumni Association hosted 12 current HU students from around China to a gathering in Shanghai to form new relationships and exchanges. March 11, 2017.

11 members gathering at a meeting for the HU Alumni Association. The attendees spent a fun evening getting to know each other and deepening old bonds over discussions. April 22, 2018.