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Amelia Peralta Guevara

Retired Professor of the Institute of Chemistry, Former Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of the Philippines Diliman
Former Undersecretary (Vice Minister) for Research and Development, Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Philippines

I felt honored when I was requested by Professor Yukihiro Takahashi of Hokkaido University’s Space Mission Center, located in the Creative Research Center Institution, to become an HU Ambassador for the University of the Philippines (UP). I have worked with Professor Yuki and his team on the very successful Microsatellite Program, a research collaboration and capacity building program involving HU, Tohoku University, the University of the Philippines (UP), and the Philippines Department of Science and Technology. The program has resulted to the development and launch of the 1st Philippine-made microsatellite “Diwata-1”, the soon-to-be launched Diwata-2, and has also led to several Filipino scientists and engineers obtaining their masters degrees.

As HU Ambassador of the University of the Philippines, we could use our experience and learnings from the Microsatellite Program as a good model for other international collaborations amongst other departments within HU and UP, especially in the scientific and engineering fields. I, together with HU Research Partner, Dr. Evangeline Amor, can serve as a link between HU and UP to make this happen. I look forward to more student and faculty exchanges, and fruitful collaborations on mutually beneficial areas of research in the near future!

Oblation Plaza of University of the Philippines Diliman (credit: Misael Bacani)

The appointment ceremony at University of the Philippines Diliman (March 15th, 2017)

(From right) Prof. Guevara, Prof. Takahashi of HU Space Mission Center, and Usec. Rowena Cristina L. Guevara of DOST