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Outi Snellman

Vice-president, Organization, University of the Arctic
Director, International Relations, University of Lapland

When I was first approached by Hokkaido University about the nomination, I felt extremely honored. To me, Hokkaido reminds me very much of my home region Lapland and, despite the difference in size, my home city Rovaniemi. What unites us is the extremely warm people- I suppose people become that way when they live in harsh environments.

I have not studied at HU, my Alma Mater is Helsinki University, also a partner of Hokkaido University and the host institution for Hokkaido University’s European Office. As the University of Lapland has had a collaboration agreement with HU since 2011, it is my job at the University of Lapland to advance bilateral relations in research and education as well as mobility. Also, the University of Lapland has been home to the UArctic International Secretariat, and one of my tasks as UArctic’ Vice President Organization is to help all of its members, including Hokkaido University, find ways to collaborate within the framework of UArctic.

As Hokkaido University Ambassador I would like to, in particular, spread information about HU in the Nordic and Arctic regions and, whenever relevant, enhance collaboration between HU and its partners in the Circumpolar North.
Hokkaido is a wonderful region with a world class university. The entire HU community can be extremely proud of the affiliation—I certainly am proud of being able to use the title of Hokkaido University Ambassador!

21st Meeting of the Council of Uarctic (September 3-4, 2018)

Left: Ms. Outi by the River, Right: Summer Scenery of Rovaniemi (Lapland above Ordinary-Visit Lapland-)

Winter Scenery of Rovaniemi (Lapland Above Ordinary-Visit Lapland)