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Sapporo Campus

Often regarded as the most beautiful university campus in all of Japan, our stunningly beautiful main campus has everything from old growth forested areas to picturesque rivulets as well as immaculately preserved buildings dating back to the era of our establishment. Take a look!

Sapporo City

Consistently voted in the top three most desirable places to live in Japan, Sapporo, meaning ‘great dry river’ in the Ainu language, is the capital of Hokkaido and Japans’ fifth largest city. Sapporo is also one of Japans’ youngest cities, and is unique in its urban block-style city layout.

Around Sapporo

Just a stones throw from Sapporo lies untouched frontiers, alive with rugged landscapes of volcanic springs, forests, and mountains great for both hiking and winter sports. The main airport serving Hokkaido is located in Chitose, and takes merely 40 minutes by train to Sapporo Station.

Hakodate Campus

Since it opened in 1935, the Hokkaido University’s Hakodate campus has had a proud history of being at the forefront of fisheries research and is one of the largest campuses of its kind in Japan.

Hakodate City

Picturesque Hakodate is located in the center of a peninsula in southern Hokkaido. This enchanting city is overlooked by Mount Hakodate, a craggy forested mountain whose summit can be reached by hiking trail, cable car, or car. The breathtaking view from the summit is renowned in Japan as one of the best in the country and is particularly beautiful at night.