Hiroki Shirato elected as a new member of the Japan Academy

University News | December 19, 2023

On December 12, 2023, Distinguished Professor Hiroki Shirato (Global Center for Biomedical Science and Engineering, Faculty of Medicine) was elected as a new member of the Japan Academy.

Distinguished Professor Hiroki Shirato (Photo by Faculty of Medicine)

The Japan Academy is an organization that honors scientists with outstanding academic achievements. Itsmembers are also selected from among scientists possessing distinguished academic records.


Professor Shirato has pioneered a new field of cancer radiotherapy, having played a key role in developing 4D radiotherapy treatment. He has also made significant contributions to the development of radiation science and technology, from the conception and development of treatment devices to the approval of medical devices, insurance coverage, and overseas deployment.


In 2022, he was awarded the Japan Academy Prize, one of the highest honors for a Japanese scientist, for his work on “Biomedical and Engineering Research about Real-time Tumor Tracking Radiotherapy/Particle Beam Therapy against Cancer.”


For more information on his achievements in the selection of Japan Academy members, visit the Japan Academy webpage (in Japanese) :



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