Training Vessels

Oshoro Maru is a training ship which belongs to the Hokkaido University School of Fisheries Sciences. It is used as a facility for students to conduct experiments and to receive practical training as well as for graduate students and instructors of the university to pursue their research studies.  Details are as follows:

Scope of Experiments and Practicum

Physical oceanography, chemical oceanographybiological oceanography, industrial engineering, production systems design, engineering, natural resources and environment sciences, satellite resources measurements, and acoustic resources measurement.

Types of Fishing

Stern trawling, longline fishing, gillnetting fishing, and squid fishing

Main Areas of Research Studies

  • Marine-related physics, chemistry, biology, and biological production sciences

  • Fluctuations in oceanographic and fishing conditions, variations in biological resources and fisheries management
  • Fishing equipment and methodology, and applied physics concerning fishing equipment design
  • Studies on vessel maneuverability and sea-worthiness
  • Ecology of fish and plankton
  • Efficiency and safety engineering of fishing machines
  • Hydroacoustics and resource measurements regarding instrument engineering for fishing

Oshoro Maru has been playing an important role in the above-mentioned studies, experiments and research, producing numerous findings which have helped instructors as well as graduate and undergraduate students to successfully pursue their research and education.  The current training ship is named Oshoro Maru V (GT 1,598 tons).

As the aging equipment of the original Ushio Maru began to cause problems with both sailing and educational research, the present Ushio Maru was built in collaboration by Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding and Sanuki Shipbuilding in September 1992.

Ushio Maru is a full-scale oceanographic research vessel with 128 gross tons of weight, 735 kW diesel main engines, variable pitch propeller, stern trawl and a total capacity of 19 people consisting of seven crew members and 12 students on board.

This ship has taken an active role in oceanographic research and practicum performed mainly in Uchiura Bay off Hakodate and Mutsu Bay.


Updated on   October 07, 2022