Public Relations

The Public Relations Office with the Department of General Affairs and Planning works with faculty, staff, and students to inform them about what is happening at Hokkaido University. Services include communicating to a variety of audiences through various media, writing and producing all foreign language publications (including the Hokkaido University Magazine and the Hokkaido University Guidebook), and creating and overseeing content for the university’s English website. In addition the office maintains an online presence through social media networks.

Reporters looking for comments about institutional matters are invited to contact the Deputy Director of the IIC, So Kawanobe, at pr[at] Students, faculty, alumni, and staff who need assistance with publicizing events and initiatives with the international student body, and who have questions about Hokkaido University’s English website and style guidelines, should also contact the Global Relations Office at the email address above. 

Questions concerning Recruitment Fair attendance should be directed to recruit[at]

For those who use our social websites or are interested in following us online, please refer to our social media page.

Updated on   February 27, 2019