Administrative Organization

Data as of October 16, 2020

Policy Planning and Coordination Office
Administration Bureau
    General Affairs and Planning Department
      General Affairs Division (Health and Safety Division)
      Planning Division
      Public Relations Division
      Personnel Division (Labor and Welfare Division)
      ICT Planning Division
    Finance Department
      Budget Division (Financial Management Division)
      Accounts Division
      Procurement Division
      Asset Management Division
    Academic Affairs Department
      Academic Affairs Planning Division
      Educational Promotion Division
      Student Support Division
      Entrance Exam Division
      Career Support Division
      Student Exchange Division
    Research Promotion Department
      Research Promotion and Planning Division
      Research Support Division (Administrative Office of ICReDD)
      Research Collaborative Division
    Facilities Department
      Facilities Planning Division
      Sustainable Campus Promotion Division
      Facilities Construction Division
    International Affairs Department
      Division of International Planning
      Division of International Relations
Administrative Offices of Educational Research Organization
    Humanities and Human Sciences, Education, Law, Economics and Business, Science and Life Science, Medicine and Health Sciences, Dental Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy, Engineering, Agriculture and Global Food Resources, Veterinary Medicine, Hakodate Campus, Hokkaido University Hospital, Environmental Science, Media, Communication, and Tourism Studies, Institute of Low Temperature Science, Hokkaido University Library, Northern Campus, Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere.
Office of Internal Auditors

Updated on   December 08, 2020