General Organization

Data as of April 1, 2023

    Graduate Schools/Faculties
        The Advanced Institute of Law and Politics
      Fisheries  Sciences
      Environmental Science/Environmental Earth Science
        Institute of Seismology and Volcanology
        Genome Dynamics Research Center
        Nuclear Reaction Data Centre
      Pharmaceutical Sciences
      Life Science
      Advanced Life Science
        Frontier Research Center for Advanced Material and Life Science
        Research and Clinical Center for Child Development
      International Media, Communication, and Tourism Studies/Media and Communication
      Health Sciences
        Center for Advanced Research of Energy and Materials
      Chemical Sciences and Engineering
      Economics and Business
        Institute for Animal Experimentation
      Dental Medicine
      Veterinary Medicine
        Veterinary Teaching Hospital
      Biomedical Science and Engineering
      Infectious Diseases
      Global Food Resources
      Humanities and Human Sciences
      Information Science and Technology
      Public Policy
        Center for Public Policy Studies
    Undergraduate Schools
      Humanities and Human Sciences
      Economics and Business
      Medicine Hokkaido University Hospital
      Dental Medicine
      Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy
        Experimental Station for Medicinal Plant Studies
      Veterinary Medicine
      Fisheries Sciences
        Training Ship “Oshoro-maru”
        Training Ship “Ushio-maru
    Research Institutes
      Institute of Low Temperature Science
        Pan-Okhotsk Research Center
      Research Institute for Electronic Science
        Green Nanotechnology Research Center
        Research Center of Mathematics for Social Creativity
      Institute for Genetic Medicine
        Laboratory of Animal Experiments
        Center for Infection-associated Cancer
      Institute for Catalysis
        Catalysis Collaborative Research Center
      International Institute for Zoonosis Control
    University Library North Library
    Research Centers
      Slavic-Eurasian Research Center
      Information Initiative Center
    Joint Facilities (Research)
      Central Institute for Isotope Science
      Research Center for Integrated Quantum Electronics
      Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere
      Center for Advanced Tourism Studies
      Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies
      Center for Experimental Research in Social Sciences
      Center for Environmental and Health Sciences
      Arctic Research Center
      Center for Natural Hazards Research
    Joint Facilities (Education)
      Research and Education Center for Brain Science
      Center for Language Learning
      Education and Research Center for Mathematical and Data Science  
      Center for Human Nature, Artificial Intelligence, and Neuroscience
    Joint Facilities (Specific Operations)
      Hokkaido University Museum
      Hokkaido University Archives
      Student Advice and Counseling Center
      Health Care Center
      Archaeological Research Center
      Global Institution for Collaborative Research (GI-CoRE)

Joint Usage/Research Centers Joint Usage/Education Centers
Institute of Low Temperature Science Institute for Catalysis Oshoro-maru (training ship)
Research Institute for Electronic Science Information Initiative Center Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere
Institute for Genetic Medicine International Institute for Zoonosis Control     – Forest Research Station
Slavic Eurasian Research Center       – Aquatic Research Station (Akkeshi, Muroran, Usujiri, Nanae, Oshoro)
    Center for Teaching and Learning, Institute for the Advancement of Graduate Education

Updated on   August 17, 2023