Graduate Admissions

To join one of our graduate programs, you will first need to get in contact with a supervisor for your studies. Contact details of academics can be found using the HU Researcher Database or by browsing the list of faculty members on any graduate school’s website. Prospective Ph.D. students must arrange the details of their studies (including language) with their supervisor. 

For complete information on all graduate schools, including graduate school students’ voices, study support, etc., check the Graduate School Comprehensive Website (machine English translation provided)

▼Study in English
Hokkaido University has 8 graduate-level degree programs in English.


Global Education Program for Agriscience Frontiers

Chemical Sciences and Engineering

Advanced Graduate School of Chemistry and Materials Science (AGS)


English Engineering Education Program (E3)

brochure (PDF)

Environmental Science

Global Environmental Management (GEM)

English Program of Environmental Earth Science for Sustainable Society (EPEES)

Infectious Diseases – Veterinary Medicine

WISE Program for One Health Frontier Graduate School of Excellence

Life Science

Training Program for Global Innovators in Life Sciences

brochure (PDF)


International Course in Graduate School of Science

brochure (PDF)

For details on the programs listed above, please refer to the Degree Programs  in English brochure.

International students may also obtain a degree in English in other graduate schools not listed above depending on the academic supervisors. For further details please refer to the International Student Prospectus brochure.

▼Study in Japanese

Biomedical Sciences and Engineering

Chemical Sciences and Engineering

Dental Medicine

Economics and Business



Environmental Science

Fisheries Science

Health Sciences

Humanities and Human Sciences

Information Science and Technology

International Media, Communication, and Tourism Studies

Law  (in Japanese only)

Life Sciences


Public Policy


Veterinary Medicine

You can also join any graduate school as a research student. Please see their website for more information.

Updated on   March 01, 2024