Master’s and Doctoral Program in Science 

“International Course in Graduate School of Science”

The International Course in Graduate School of Science offers Master’s and PhD level degrees and certificates for foreign students who want to study science at Hokkaido University. The course consists of four majors, Mathematics, Condensed Matter Physics, Cosmosciences, and Natural History Sciences. The major of Natural History Sciences is further classified into two fields: Earth Sciences and Biodiversity and Organismal Evolution. You can undertake all your educational and research activities in English, yet interact closely with Japanese students.

Greetings from Course Convenor Hiroshi Amitsuka, Professor, Graduate School of Science

“Welcome to the International Course in Graduate School of Science. Under the guidance of our expert staff, you will gain new knowledge, find problems to solve, and enjoy using your imagination in scientific endeavors. The course also provides you with interdisciplinary learning opportunities by linking up with the Inter-Graduate School Classes provided by Hokkaido University. I encourage all of you to take advantage of the special resources that we can offer in order to engage in high-quality research and studies for science at Hokkaido University. “

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Algebra/Geometry/Analysis/Applied Mathematics

Condensed Matter Physics:

Statistical Physics/Mathematical Physics Electronic Properties of Solids/Electronic Properties of Low-dimensional Conductors/J-Material: Physics of Strongly Correlated Systems/Low Temperature Physics/Condensed Matter Dynamics/Nanostructure Physics Advanced NMR/Condensed Matter Theory/Nanosystem Photonics/Solid State Physics in High Magnetic Field/Muon Spin Resonance/Electron Spin Resonance


Observational Astronomy/Theoretical Astrophysics/Theoretical Particle Physics/Theoretical Nuclear Physics/Planetary and Space Group/Astrophysical Chemistry/Ice and Planetary Science/Phase Transition Dynamics/Information Media Science/Nuclear Reaction Data Science/Spacecraft Observation (JAXA)

Natural History Sciences:

Physical Oceanography and Climatology/Physical Hydrology/Space Geodesy/Seismology Petrology and Volcanology/Paleobiology/Geochemistry/Earth Materials Science/Earth System Evolution/Geotectonics Seismological Observation/Ocean Bottom Seismology and Tsunami/Volcano Physics/Subsurface Structure/Animal Systematics/Algal and Protist Systematics/Ornithology and Island Biology/Genetic Diversity Communication of Science and Technology/Philosophy of Science and Technology/Museum Education and Media Studies/Science Education

The usual time required to complete this degree is 2 years. The usual time required to complete this degree is 3 years.

ADMISSION: April or October

ADMISSION: April or October


In order to obtain entry into the Master’s Program you must hold a Bachelor’s degree in any academic area.

In order to obtain entry into the Doctoral Program you must hold a Master’s degree in any academic area.

Find out what students think! 

Sayantani Chatterjee (India)

D3, Division of Earth and Planetary Systems Science, Natural History Sciences, Graduate School of Science

“I am a Ph.D. student in the Faculty of Science, Division of Earth and Planetary System Sciences; in the Geotectonic Group. Our labs are equipped with the state-of-art apparatuses – EPMA, EBSD, XRD, XRF, Fe-SEM; which facilitate cutting-edge research. Our publications are in esteemed journals – to name a few – Nature, Science, Journal of Structural Geology and G3. Most labs are amalgamation of students from diverse cultural backgrounds and thus bring in a variety of learning and providing a competitive edge. All this is made possible by a group of enthustiastic Professors who coach, motivate and at times provide the necessary push to students. — Surrounded by a picturesque landscape, the whole scenery is a contrast to the Sci-Fi buildings in a Winter Wonderland.


Hokkaido University Funded
Hokkaido University has one dedicated scholarship under the banner of “Hokkaido University Scholarships” available for self-supported students with excellent grades who wish to study at graduate level. It is known as the”Special Grant Program for International Students.”

Japanese Government Funded
The Japanese Government also provides a scholarship known as the Monbukagakusho: MEXT Scholarship. This is a scholarship system that the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology offers, and is divided into the following three systems: (1) Domestic selection (2) University recommendation (3) Embassy recommendation.

Private Organization or Local Gov’t Funded
Scholarships from private organizations and local governments. You can either apply for these through Hokkaido University, or apply individually. (1) Scholarships applied for through the university, (2) Scholarships applied for individually.


Office for International Academic Support in the faculty can answer your questions in English and support administrative matters including entrance-examination applications of the graduate school as well as the student life.

For information on entry, please check the website here.

Updated on   May 30, 2017