Scholarships for Prospective Students

Several competitive scholarships of differing amounts are available for students wishing to study at Hokkaido University. Please see the sections below for the scholarships you can apply for prior to leaving your home country.

Japanese Government Scholarships (MEXT)

Scholarship Amounts:

Undergraduate students ¥117,000/month (*Nov. to Mar. ¥120,000/month)

Research students ¥143,000/month (*Nov. to Mar. ¥146,000/month)

Master’s students ¥144,000/month (*Nov. to Mar. ¥147,000/month)

Doctorate students ¥145,000/month (*Nov. to Mar. ¥148,000/month)

* The stipend for summer and winter is different because a cold region allowance is added in winter.


Students can study at university with a scholarship by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). There are three ways to apply for this scholarship: 1) Embassy recommendation, 2) University recommendation, or 3) Domestic selection.

) Embassy Recommendation

The way where students receive a recommendation from the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in their country.  Since application periods differ by countries, those who need an Embassy recommendation should check with the Japanese Embassy or Consular Office in their home countries. Here is a list of the websites for Japanese Embassies, Consulates, and Permanent Missions.


After passing the first screening at a Japanese Embassy, scholarship candidates should contact the division of international student affairs at the graduate school which they wish to enter as soon as possible to ask for a “Letter of Acceptance.” Candidates can find prospective supervisors in the HU’s Researcher Directory and HUSCAP (Hokkaido University collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers).

2) University Recommendation

Students who will be studying in Japan from abroad can be screened and nominated through a Japanese university as a candidate for a Japanese Government Scholarship. The applicant should have an academic record score of 2.30 (out of 3.00) or above at your latest or current school/academic institution and is expected to maintain the same academic standards throughout the course of the scholarship program. In addition, the applicant should satisfy the language level/ability requirements.

1. General

Overseas students who newly come to Japan to study at the Master’s or Doctoral level are eligible to apply. The recipients arrive in Japan in October. The number of recipients is very limited.

2. SATREPS and e-Asia

Applicants should belong to an organization participating in a project adopted by SATREPS or e-ASIA. Overseas students who newly come to Japan to study at the Master’s or Doctoral level are eligible to apply. The recipients arrive in Japan in October.

3. Special

The government selects several unique programs geared toward exchange students and gives these programs priority for placement as government scholarship students. Preference is given to students applying to the following programs:

*Please refer to the website of each program for more detail.

3) Domestic Selection (No recruitment in recent years)

Privately financed, full-time postgraduate foreign students, prospective postgraduate students, and full-time prospective fourth-year undergraduate university students (or prospective sixth-year students in the case of medical schools, etc.) who are academically and personally excellent are granted domestic selection scholarships that begin in April. Domestic Selection may not be offered every year.

Hokkaido University President’s Fellowship

*New recruitment suspended from Academic Year 2024

This scholarship is for prospective international students enrolling in Master’s, Professional, or Doctoral Degree programs. Applicants must possess an excellent academic record as well as a strong interest in Hokkaido University and Japanese culture.

2023 Application Guidelines

Form 1

Form 2

Eligibility Requirements

Applicant must be a current student or alumnus of a university which concluded an “Inter-University Exchange Agreement” and a “Memorandum of Understanding on Student Exchange” with Hokkaido University. Students who are already enrolled at Hokkaido University cannot apply for this scholarship. Applicants must be self-supporting and without other scholarships or fellowships at the time of enrollment.

Application Period

November 1st, 2022 – January 6th, 2023

Applicants must submit the required documents to their university

The reports of research from recipients

Hokkaido University Special Grant Program for Self-Supported International Students 

This grant is for prospective international students applying to enter a doctoral program.  Recipients have their tuition fees waved in exchange for working as a Research Assistant. To obtain this special grant, applicants must have excellent an academic record and be able to prove how their research can make an impact on an international scale in their chosen field.

The Special Grant Program is for international students applying to a doctoral course in one of the following graduate schools:

  • Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Graduate School of Environmental Science 
  • Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering

The reports of research from recipients

The application process for this scholarship is conducted by each graduate school. Please note that not all graduate schools participate in this program — please refer to the list above.

For more details on the program, you may send your inquiries to the Student Support Division at the Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education or send them an e-mail to: scholarship[at]

Other Scholarships

The following links are for information only. Hokkaido University does not play any role in the maintenance of these sites nor can attest to the accuracy of any information provided.  Please check the details on each scholarship link for further information.

Although highly competitive, there are more scholarships that students can apply for after arriving in Japan. More information can be found here.

Updated on   April 15, 2024