Guarantor System

A guarantor is generally required when renting a house or apartment in Japan. Hokkaido University can become a guarantor for you if you have difficulties in finding a personal guarantor when applying to rent an apartment.



  • You must be enrolled at Hokkaido University as an international student. In principle, this means those who have the residence status of “College Student.”
  • You must have “Comprehensive Renters Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan.”



Find out how to apply by inquiring at the International Student Support Desk on the 1st floor of the Institute for International Collaboration with your student ID card and residence card. If you share an apartment with another Hokkaido University international student, you and your housemate are required to come together. The applicant(s) must submit all of the documents listed below to the Division of International Exchange in person. Generally, it takes a week to 10 days to complete the procedure. Therefore, please submit your documents as soon as possible to complete all of the procedures before your move-in day. Mail-in applications are not accepted.

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Necessary documents (originals):

  • Application Form
  • Pledge
  • Guaranty Form (landlord’s signature and seal required)
  • Apartment Contract
  • Receipt of Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying Japan
  • Student ID card. A Certificate of University Registration or a Notice of Acceptance and an Entrance Fee Receipt are also accepted.
  • Residence Card. A valid Alien Registration Card or a Passport are also accepted.
  • Other documents as needed

Please Note:

The university can be your guarantor while you are enrolled as an international student. When your enrollment period is prolonged and you hope to stay in the same apartment, you must re-apply for the guaranty system.

It you leave the university before the enrollment period expires, the university will dissolve the guaranty contract.

You must renew your ‘Comprehensive Renters Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan’ at the Division of International Exchange when the insurance period expires.

Updated on   May 01, 2017