Nitobe College


What is Nitobe College?

Nitobe College is a special program for undergraduate students at Hokkaido University to educate a new generation of global leaders. The 250 students per year who are enrolled in the program take specific courses from the Nitobe College curriculum in addition to the standard university requirements for a bachelor’s degree.

Nitobe College consists of a two-step program: the foundation program for first-year students and the honors program for students from their second year until graduation. The foundation program promotes the importance of leadership and an understanding of international society. Students may choose to complete only the foundation program which emphasizes leadership, or they may choose to continue on to the honors program which cultivates leaders who can thrive in international society. Nitobe College students in the honors program must participate in either a short-term or long-term study abroad program or an international internship program.

In both programs, Nitobe College provides a unique educational system involving the Nitobe Fellows, alumni of the university who have reached the top of their respective professions. They share their work and life experiences, and give advice to current students about their university lives and their futures.

Students completing all requirements for the Nitobe College Honors Program are recognized at graduation.

For detailed information, please visit the Nitobe College website.

Updated on   February 17, 2021