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Compared to other parts of Japan, the island of Hokkaido is particularly blessed by nature. In addition to having a World Heritage Site within it, Hokkaido also has six national parks, a Global Geopark, five Quasi-National parks, and 12 nature parks. The total area of these parks is approximately 870 thousand hectares, making up approximately 11% of the entire area of Hokkaido (excluding the Northern Territories). Hokkaido also boasts a total of 12 wetlands attracting a vast array of wildlife. Forests cover approximately 70% of Hokkaido’s surface area, which accounts for roughly one quarter of the national total. These rich forests are representative of Japan’s natural beauty and plethora of wooded areas.

Beginning with the Ainu people, who value harmony with nature, Hokkaido’s has a rich history and culture. Hokkaido is blessed with a superb natural environment abundant in fresh air, pure water, vast green spaces and an extraordinary diversity of wildlife.

As Japan’s largest agricultural producer, the land in Hokkaido is utilized for its abundant resources. Hokkaido is also the heart for large scale agricultural projects, particularly concerning rice and dairy farming. These developments make the most of Hokkaido’s cool climate and low rainfall, and promotes clean agriculture, minimizing the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Aside from these acclaimed agricultural products, which are grown on Hokkaido’s vast lands, Hokkaido is also home to a number of premium marine products made possible by its rich seas. The available of fresh ingredients allows the preparation of fresh cuisine and sweets, and offers visitors a variety of tempting culinary delights during all four seasons throughout the year.

If you want to discover the true essence of this beautiful island, a great place to start is by checking out Hokkaido Likers. In addition, the following websites are also excellent sources to help you discover Hokkaido:

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Updated on   March 18, 2020