Student Dormitories

Residential life is an integral part of the Hokkaido University experience with around half of all international students living on campus during their studies here. We hope that our dormitories provide a sense of the distinctive experience you will have studying here. In total, we have six dormitories all located at and near Sapporo Campus. Most house students in single rooms. However, we do offer accommodation for married couples and families. Some dormitories are single-sex, others unisex, some mix Japanese students with International Students, and others are purely for international students. Each dormitory room comes equipped with fresh bedding and linen, as well as high speed internet access. These dormitory rooms are offered at reasonable prices, and students who have difficulty paying the fee for special reasons may be exempted from the payment, according to the regulations.

All residents who live in one of the Hokkaido University International Houses or Sapporo International Student Center (excluding Keiteki-Ryo and Sosei-Ryo) are required to pay ¥50,000 as a deposit during their first payment. This will be used for the final payment and room repair costs if needed. If you make all of your payments and no repairs are needed when you leave the dormitory, you will receive a full refund.


International House Kita 14

Updated on   December 02, 2022