In March 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident occurred. There was a growing concern about the dramatic decrease in the number of visitors to Japan and a growing need for information to be released from Japan to the world.

In response, Hokkaido University decided to start an internet forum that connects both researchers who commit themselves to passing on the latest scientific knowledge, and the public, including students seeking such knowledge to further understand the global issues we are facing. The Global Issues Forum for Tomorrow – GiFT – was the first university-wide experimental effort to utilize social media as a means to assemble such an audience. GiFT was offered in Japanese as a trial during its first year before becoming an international communication platform.

On the 24th of October, 2011, distinguished twelve young researchers at Hokkaido University delivered passionate speeches about pressing social and global issues. More than 100 people gathered at a lecture hall on campus while accompanied by another 500 people from other parts in Japan viewing the live webcast. The video archive attracted 6,288 viewers within just a month.

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Archived videos

Takeo Hondoh

“Opening Remarks at GiFT 2011”

Executive and Vice President of Hokkaido University

Shin Sugiyama

“Current State of Glaciers and Ice Sheets as Seen from Outer Space and the Ground”

Affiliation: Institute of Low Temperature Science
Research Area:Natural Science

Ayato Takada

“No End in Sight to Flu Epidemic”

Affiliation: Research Center for Zoonosis Control
Research Area: Ecology/Natural Science/Health Science

Hideaki Shibata

“Interactions between Humans and Forests”

Affiliation: Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere
Research Area: Ecology/Natural Science

Akito Ishikawa

“War–a Natural Human Activity”

Affiliation: Graduate School of Letters
Research Area: Social Science

Junko Morimoto

“Changes Necessary to Maintain Forest Ecosystems”

Affiliation: Research Faculty of Agriculture
Research Area: Ecology/Natural Science/Social Science

Kazuhisa Sueoka

“Breakthroughs with Electronics”

Affiliation: Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
Research Area: Technology

Taro Yamauchi

“Human Ecology Viewed through Fieldwork”

Affiliation: Faculty of Health Sciences
Research Area: Health Science/Social Science

Asuna Arai

“Research to Support an Aging Society”

Affiliation: Graduate School of Medicine
Research Area: Health Science

Yasuaki Takagi

“Summoning the Courage to Take a Step Forward–Now is the Time to Consider a New Fishing Industry”

Affiliation: Faculty of Fisheries Sciences
Research Area: Ecology/Natural Science/Social Science

Daisuke Sano

“Engineering as a Means to Work on the World Stage–Toward the Realization of Global Health”

Research Area: Faculty of Engineering
Affiliation: Technology/Health Science/Social Science

Masahiko Fujii

“Viewing Waste Mountains as Precious Resources”

Affiliation: Faculty of Environmental Earth Science
Research Area: Natural Science/Social Science

Naoyuki Mikami

“Opening up the Future of a Sustainable Society through Deliberative Mini-publics”

Affiliation: Institute for Advancement Higher Education
Research Area: Social Science

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