Hokkaido University started the 2015 fiscal year with the much-anticipated inauguration of the Arctic Research Center. This year’s GiFT gathered presenters who had an impressive track record in the study of cold regions. The researchers recorded their 15-minute presentations on the overall theme of “How can we deal with sharp global environmental changes?”


Keeping in mind time differences, the online discussion forum was webcasted from 8:00 p.m. (GMT) on Sunday November 8th via YouTube Live. A group of four students studying at Hokkaido University moderated the forum and led an active chat with 267 youths living in various countries and region. The moderators – from India, Japan, Thailand, and USA/Taiwan – and the youths watched the pre-recorded presentations together and exchanged opinions on YouTube and Facebook for 1.5 hours.


Three active participants from Estonia, Indonesia, and Russia were selected for the Hokkaido University Experience Tour 2016. For several days at the Sapporo Campus, they participated in Japanese language classes and discussion seminars with researchers and students. Click here for their tour reports.


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Archived videos

The two-hour video of GiFT2015 was divided into four archived presentations. Each video is about 10-15 minutes long and contains each researcher’s presentation. In addition to the four videos, you can watch the student moderators and their discussions here.



Presentations by HU researchers

Keizo Yamaguchi

“You & Our Issues”

Ph.D. in Science, President, Hokkaido University

Atsuko Sugimoto

“Co-design Research for Better Life on Permafrost and Global Environment”

Ph.D in Science
Research Area: Environmental Science
Affiliation: Faculty of Environmental Earth Science

Sei-Ichi Saitoh

“Explore Phytoplankton from Space for the Arctic Marine Ecosystem”

Ph.D in Fisheries Science
Research Area: Satellite Oceanography
Affiliation: Arctic Research Center

Tsuyoshi Setoguchi

“Desirable Urban Design for Winter Cities”

Ph.D in Engineering
Research Area: Town Planning
Affiliation: Faculty of Engineering


Kengo Hirao (from Japan)


Senior in the Undergraduate School of Pharmaceutical Science

Halley Mariet Menezes (from India)


PhD Candidate in the Graduate School of Chemistry

Chindasiriphan Pattharaphon (from Thailand)


Master’s Degree in the e3 Program, Graduate School of Engineering

Chao Ping Lai (from the United States)


Freshman in the Modern Japanese Studies Program (MJSP)


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Hokkaido University Experience Tour 2016

There were three participants in the 2016 tour.

– An undergraduate student from Russia (June 2016)

– A high school student from Indonesia (July 2016)

– An undergraduate student from Estonia (August 2016)

Find what the tour is like in the Experience Tour Reports made by the previously invited students.

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