Student Voices

Kamonwan Kumsukon

Kasetsart University, Thailand.

“Unique opportunity to gain practical knowledge and experience in my field of study”

For my HUSTEP independent study, I had the opportunity to join the Surgery Department of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. I attended seminars in my department. I also had the chance to do a case report presentation that was helpful for reviewing and enhancing knowledge in my field of study. Moreover, everyone in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, from the professors, doctors and students to staff, helped to explain things to me and teach me while I was practicing in the clinic. The most exciting part for me was being able to observe surgical procedures in the operating room because in the future I would like to be a veterinary surgeon.

Yicong Li from Jilin University, China & Aaron C. Frazer University of Manchester, United Kingdom

“Self-discovery through HUSTEP”

Coming to Japan and taking part in HUSTEP was a great chance to really discover ourselves. During our time here, in addition to our studies, we were able to choose from a variety of activities. In our case, it was a chance to develop our musical abilities. Yicong joined the Guitar Club which helped her to discover her musical talents and bring about a whole new self-confidence. Frazer began to learn the mandolin and soon became quite skilled. We had various opportunities to perform including at the university festival and International parties.

Arnold Edechi, University of Nigeria,Nigeria

“Great chance to learn about Japanese traditional culture”

As part of my HUSTEP Independent Study, I joined the lab of applied microbiology in the Faculty of Agriculture. I learnt how to use microorganisms for practical purposes and was able to conduct experiments on bacterial fermentation. The lab had many international students and they really helped to bridge the language barrier. I got to attend many parties with the lab members and we also went on a lab trip to Hakodate! I learnt a great deal about how to carry out research. It was an unforgettable experience.

Anna Liimatta, University of Oulu, Finland

 “Great chance to learn about Japanese traditional culture”

I participated in a Zen seminar, where we had the chance to spend two days at a Japanese temple with Japanese and international students. We meditated while burning incense, received a tea ceremony lesson from two masters and ate traditional temple food. We slept on futons on the floor and the next day we planted flowers along the roadside. The temple provided a perfect chance to experience a bit of the tranquility that is often associated with Japanese culture.

Updated on   June 27, 2013