Your Post Office

You can purchase stamps at post offices and convenience stores that have a red ‘JP’ mark. Postal rates vary according to the destination, weight, size and shape of the item you are mailing. Prior to sending, you can calculate estimated mailing rates and delivery dates here. For other information, please ask at the post office or visit the Japan Post homepage.

Below are rough estimates on prices you might expect. Please also note that mailing an item via “Surface Mail” will probably be cheaper, and mailing an item via “EMS (Express Mail Service)” will be more expensive.

  Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
  Weight Asia North Central America, Oceania, Middle East, Europe Africa, South America
Letter (standard size) Up to 25g ¥90 ¥110 ¥130
Up to 50g ¥160 ¥160 ¥230
Letter (nonstandard size) Up to 50g ¥220 ¥260 ¥300
Up to 100g ¥330 ¥400 ¥480
Up to 250g ¥510 ¥670 ¥860
Postcard N/A ¥70 (flat rate to anywhere in the world)
Aerogramme N/A ¥90 (flat rate to anywhere in the world)

Updated on   March 18, 2020