1-4-4 Reform Programs

The HUCI is a comprehensive and all-campus reformation initiative consisting of many plans and projects. The structure and aims of the HUCI is shaped by the “1-4-4 Reform Programs,” a system bringing together four educational reform programs and four administrative reform programs to be managed under one governance (the university).

The activities of the HUCI concentrate on educational activities, so we would like to introduce the four educational reform plans below:


NITOBE Learning System

Nitobe College and Nitobe School are special educational courses for undergraduate students (from 2013) and graduate students (from 2015) respectively. Students who pass a highly-competitive selection process receive intensive education in the college in addition to their standard university degree. The aim of the program is to foster global leaders. The college and school are named after one of our most notable Hokkaido University alumni, Inazo Nitobe, author of Bushido: The Soul of Japan, and one of the first Under-Secretary Generals of the League of Nations (the forerunner to the United Nations).


Formation of New Graduate Schools

Three new graduate schools were launched on April 1st, 2017 based on current international research collaborations. These courses have been developed so that they span multiple academic fields and foster specialists to contribute to the resolution of specific issues such as cancer therapy, zoonosis control, and food security. One of the three graduate schools is based on an unprecedented collaboration between Hokkaido University and Stanford University in the field of quantum medical science and engineering for innovative radiation therapy for cancer (see the GI-CoRE for more information).

Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering 

Graduate School of Infectious Diseases

Graduate School of Global Food Resources

Learning Satellites

Learning satellites are universities that current Hokkaido University undergraduate and graduate students can study abroad at to get first-hand experience of the global issues they study. Students who take classes at our learning satellites earn credits towards their graduation requirements. Please refer to our Guide for Studying Abroad website (Japanese only).


Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI)

Hokkaido is a popular and ideal place as a summer retreat. By making it also a destination for knowledge, wisdom, and resources, the Hokkaido Summer Institute creates hundreds of intensive learning and discussion opportunities in collaboration with active researchers, students, and institutions from all over the world.

Please also see our undergraduate programs offered in English:

The Modern Japanese Studies Program (MJSP)

The Integrated Science Program (ISP)


HUCI Forum

The HUCI forum encourages dialogue among members of the Hokkaido University community to assure a promising future in line with the HUCI’s ten-year mission.

1st HUCI Forum (October 5, 2016)

A Trend of University Internationalization ―A Central Motor of Change



2nd HUCI Forum (December 1, 2016)

Challenges and Good practices in collaborative education with institutions worldwide in English


Video (internal only)

3rd HUCI Forum (March 10, 2017)

Future Direction of Hokkaido University’s Internationalization ―Discussion following the IAU-ISAS Final Report―


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Updated on   September 22, 2017