Career Path Support for PhD Students and Postdocs

The Front Office for Human Resource Education & Development provides assistance to young PhD students and postdoctoral researchers in career development. They have five offices: S-cubic, I-HoP, FResHU, COFRe, and Tenure-Track.

The S-cubic office supports PhD students and post-doctoral researchers as they design and develop their own career path. The office holds career seminars inviting heads of research institutes in companies as guest lecturers to issue advice on bridging the gap between the educational and private sectors whilst also providing opportunities between companies’ R&D divisions and researchers. The office is also operating a closed web-system (called the Hi-System) for students and researchers.

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I-HoP provides graduate career development support in English and Japanese to postdoctoral researchers as well as to students from abroad who are doing their Doctoral Course. J-window, an appointment-based private career consultation service in English and Japanese, provides practical information on future career possibilities, especially those which entail working for a Japanese company. Other services include but are not limited to: Japanese language learning support, job matching events for companies, and transferable skills development seminars. Register with “Hi-System” and enroll yourself to the I-HoP network.

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The Support Office for Female Researchers in Hokkaido University (FResHU) has been established within the framework of Hokkaido University’s policy of promoting gender equality. Female undergraduate and graduate students, and research and teaching staff alike need a learning and working environment in which their talents can be developed to their full potential. For this purpose, FResHU seeks to provide the beneficiaries of the program not only with guidance and mentoring, but also with sources of inspiration. This office also strives to induce changes in the general attitude towards women in academia.

Hokkaido University has committed itself to a “Triple Twenties Policy”: by 2020, 20% of all staff in teaching and research positions should be women. To achieve this goal, the university has devised a “positive action scheme” which incorporates substantial incentives for faculties and departments to select and appoint women. In addition, the university will reach out to young women in high school, guiding and supporting their future study choices, to address the issue of female representation in science at a grass roots level.

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COFRe , one of Hokkaido University’s representative organizations, was established in 2014 together with Tohoku University and Nagoya University as a part of the program for Constructing Consortia for the Education of Scientific and Technological Personnel launched by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). Under this program, the three universities created a consortium in which they combine all of their education resources to construct a system designed to foster the next generation of researchers. The consortium makes effective use of the know-how and develops the resources accumulated by each of the three universities to further develop human resources in science and technology. In addition to promoting the increased expertise of young researchers, the consortium provides these researchers with the ability to fully exercise these skills in a variety of situations both in Japan and overseas, producing a new generation of scientific and technological personnel who also have a global mindset and transferrable skills. This project consists of two programs: the Education Program for the Next Generation of Researchers, aimed at assistant professors with fixed term contracts, and the Cooperative Education Program for Developing Innovative Human Resources, which is open to PD and DC researchers.

COFRe(Consortium Office for Fostering of Researchers in Future Generations)
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The Promotion Office for Tenure-Track plays an important role in the Hokkaido University tenure-track system in supporting skilled young researchers to become future leaders by advertising job posts both domestically and internationally. The office also aims to standardize the Hokudai Tenure-Track Promotion Program throughout all of the divisions and departments at the university. 

Tenure Track
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Updated on   March 18, 2020