Career Path Support for PhD Students and Postdocs

The Center for Advanced Human Resource Education and Development provides support for doctoral course students and those who wish to enter a doctoral course to improve their skills and choose a career path that will allow them to utilize their expertise and play an active role in society.

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  1. S-cubic

S-cubic promotes career development support activities for graduate students.

It provides a wide range of in-depth services to help master’s course students (MC) who are considering entering a doctoral course, doctoral course students (DC), and postdoctoral researchers (PD) to know about and choose a variety of career paths. For instance, it provides them with the necessary information and practical skills not easily obtained within the university to enter the industry, creates opportunities for matching them with companies, holds individual career counseling sessions, and organizes internship programs.


Programs of S-cubic can be broadly divided into two categories: 1) support for knowledge acquisition and skill development, and 2) exchange and matching with companies.

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  1. I-HoP

I-HoP offers an international human resource development program in English for young international researchers at Hokkaido University to support their careers.

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  1. COFRe

COFRe provides graduate students at Hokkaido University with various career support programs offered by partner universities.

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Updated on   February 16, 2023