Research Institutes and Centers

Institute for Vaccine Research and Development

Institute for Chemical Reaction Design and Discovery

Institute of Low Temperature Science

Research Institute for Electronic Science

Institute for Genetic Medicine

Institute for Catalysis

Creative Research Institution

Center for Human-Nature, Artificial Intelligence, and Neuroscience

Global Research Center for Food and Medical Innovation

Center for Innovation and Business Promotion 

Slavic-Eurasian Research Center

Information Initiative Center

International Institute for Zoonosis Control

Central Institute of Isotope Science

Research Center for Integrated Quantum Electronics

Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere

Center for Advanced Tourism Studies

Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies

Center for Experimental Research in Social Sciences

Center for Environmental and Health Sciences

Arctic Research Center

Research and Education Center for Brain Science

Center for Language Learning

The Hokkaido University Museum

Hokkaido University Archives

Health Care Center

Archaeological Research Center

Updated on   June 05, 2023