Contribution to a Sustainable Society

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Hokkaido University has run various projects to promote research and education for the realization of a sustainable society over the decade.

Hokkaido University X SDGs

Hokkaido University x SDGs

Hokkaido University’s contributions and support for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are being reported and archived in the comprehensive website. It features not only information for academia, but for every facet of the society involved in the creation of a sustainable community, including business developers and local communities.

Institute for the Advancement of Sustainability

Institute for the Advancement of Sustainability


The Hokkaido University Institute for the Advancement of Sustainability is a platform for promoting education, research, and social collaboration that contributes to the development of a sustainable society as well as a sustainable campus environment.

It aims to realize a green, smart, sustainable campus through cooperation between the two offices: the SDGs Initiative Office and the Sustainable Campus Management Office.


Understanding the Impact of Climate Change

Understanding the Impact of Climate Change


Hokkaido University originates from Sapporo Agricultural College which was established in 1876 on the northernmost island of Japan. At the time of its establishment, the University’s mission was to develop cold-weather agriculture technologies for the development of Hokkaido and to foster human resources to put these technologies into practice. Thus, from the beginning, we have conducted educational and research activities rooted in the great nature of Hokkaido. With its strength in field research, the University’s researchers in various fields are currently conducting research on climate change from diverse angles, including forests, glaciers and ice sheets, the atmosphere, oceans, and society. In this special feature, “Understanding the Impact of Climate Change,” we introduce our researchers’ discoveries and their ongoing scientific endeavours.

International Consortia on Sustainability/SDGs

International Universities Climate Alliance(IUCA)

UNU SDG–Universities Platform (SDG-UP)

University of the Arctic (UArctic)

Arctic Challenge for Sustainability II(ArCS II)

Ongoing Challenges

These are series of articles on the SDGs published by University World News.

Collaboration on early detection could foil next pandemic

Cross-border program nurtures global SDG leadership

Past Project Archives

An Intensive Discussion Period to Find Solutions (2007-2017)

Sustainability Weeks

An Internet Forum for World Youth (2011-2016)

GiFT –Global Issues Forum for Tomorrow-

An Achievement of the World’s First G8 (2008)

Sapporo Sustainability Declaration

Research and Capacity Development on Public Policy (2008-2017)

Sustainable Low-Carbon Society Project

A Collaborative Project with ProSPER.Net Member Institutions (2009-2017)


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