Hakodate Campus

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Getting Here: 

I’m at Hakodate Airport!

(11.1 km from the main gate of campus)

Bus to Hakodate Station:
There are buses from Hakodate airport to the JR Hakodate station. The journey takes 20 minutes and costs 400 yen. From there you can catch a local bus to the campus (see below).


Taxi to campus:
A taxi from the airport directly to the campus takes approximately 30 minutes and costs about 3,000 yen. This is the quickest and most convenient way to get to Hakodate Campus, and is cost-effective if you are travelling with other people.

I’m at New Chitose Airport!

(274 km from the campus main gate)

Get the JR Rapid train bound for Sapporo and get off at the Minami Chitose station, a short stop away. Here change to the Super Hokuto train bound for Hakodate. The total cost of the trip is 5,070 yen.

I’m at Hakodate Station!

(3 options)

Take bus 101 to Hokudai-Mae-Gesha The journey takes around 15 mins and costs 250 yen.

Take bus 2 or 123 bound for Esashi to Hokudai-Ura-Gesha. The journey takes around 20 mins and costs 250 yen.

Taxis from Hakodate Station to campus takes 15 minutes and cost around 1,500 yen.

 I’m lost on campus!

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Updated on   July 05, 2021