1. The university reserves the right to remove unlawful, abusive, and inappropriate comments from any of its social media accounts.
  2. The university is not responsible for any damages or inaccuracies which may result from posts by external parties made on social media.
  3. Although we encourage people to interact with us via hashtags, comments, and sharing photos, these must be done in a respectful manner. Offenses to this rule will be removed.
  4. Please note that shares, retweets, and all posts made on social media are public. Be careful when sharing any personal information.
  5. The views expressed by contributors of the university do not necessarily reflect the views of the university.
  6. The university’s official social media accounts may follow other users, comment, or retweet when it’s considered appropriate.
  7. Our accounts may be closed without notification. 
  8. We do not officially answer inquiries on social media. Please send your inquiries via the university’s website. To get in touch, see our Contact Us page.

Updated on   March 18, 2020