Sustainability Weeks

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What is Sustainability Weeks?

Sustainability Weeks (SW) is an annual campaign hosted by Hokkaido University since 2007. During the event, several thousands of researchers, educators, students, and citizens from Japan and beyond gather at the university to share and discuss the latest knowledge concerning sustainability and to identify the next actions to take towards a better future.


The first such session was organized in 2007, and it has since been held every year with the involvement of the entire university. The events held during SW cover various issues and almost all the academic disciplines relevant to the discussion of a sustainable society.


SW Official Logo

The logo was designed based on the concept “sustainable march of the times”. The fluidity in the transition of rigid to organic expresses a historical progression with succession toward the future. A harmonious and gradual change in color indicates plurality and diversity in nature, humanity, culture, and society. Looking like a brilliant star or a flower in full bloom from a distance, it symbolizes the resplendent beauty of life. Please click here for details. 


Annual Report of Sustainability Weeks

Features of each year and the websites are summarized into the annual report with PDF files.  Please download from below.


SW2016 (PDF/15MB)   Index (PDF/148KB)

Theme: The Role of Higher Education for Sustainable Development Goals



SW 10th symopsium  International Symposium Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the Sustainability Weeks (2016) (PDF/ 4.9MB)

To commemorate the 10th year of SW, researchers, students, and members of organizations in/outside of Japan discuss the role of higher  education to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 



SW2015 (PDF/ 19MB)   Index (PDF/115KB)

Theme: Reaffirm Our Responsibility for the Sapporo Sustainability Declaration 2008


SW2014 (PDF/ 32MB)   Index (PDF/122KB)

Theme: Education for Sustainable Development

ESD symposium

➢ International ESD Symposium: Strategic ESD in the Next Generation (2014) (PDF/ 21.6MB)

Hokkaido University held this symposium in the final year of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD) to provide a platform for a review of 10 years of ESD promotion and discussions on the future of education.


SW2013 (PDF/ 13.5MB)   Index (PDF/124KB)

Theme: Learning for a Sustainable Future


SW2012 (PDF/ 14.7MB)   Index (PDF/106KB)

Theme: A Future Society Offering Peace Of Mind For All


SW2011 (PDF/ 14.7MB)   Index (PDF/106KB)

Theme: Reconsidering Visions for a Sustainable Future


SW2010 (PDF/ 27.4MB)   Index (PDF/114KB)

Theme: Toward a Society Offering Quality of Life and Human Dignity for All

SW2010 opening symposium

SW2010 Opening Symposium: Toward a Society Offering Quality of Life and Human Dignity for All (PDF/ 19MB)

This is the second campus symposium after the International Symposium on Sustainable Development held in 2006.


SW2009 (PDF/ 8.2MB)   Index (PDF/105KB)

Theme: A Step Toward the Future to Build a Sustainable Society


SW2008 (PDF/ 5.7MB)   Index (PDF/111KB)

Theme: G8 Summit Round


SW2008 -G8 Summit Round- Brief Overview (PDF/ 2MB)

In response to the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit, Hokkaido University held about 50 events including international symposia discussing global environment, health, poverty and public lectures during SW2008.


SW2007 (PDF/ 4.8MB)   Index (PDF/78KB)

2007 is the very first year to hold the Sustainability Weeks. More than 800 people participated 3 citizen seminars, 2 international symposia, and the opening ceremony of new research buildings.

Development Foundation of Sustainability Weeks


2005-2009 Hokkaido University Initiative on Sustainable Development (PDF/ 4.2MB)   Index (PDF/80KB)

Hokkaido University established HUISD (Hokkaido University Initiative on  

Sustainable Development) to accelerate the collaboration of researches and  

education to contribute to sustainable development under the President’s  

direct control.


2006 Hokkaido University International Symposium on Sustainable Development (Whole PDF/ 60MB)  

(Part 1/23MB, Part 2/18MB, Part 3/19MB)   Index (PDF/128KB)

On August 2006, Hokkaido University held the very first campus  

International Symposium with the theme of Sustainable Development. 948

participants from over the world gave high evaluations and a suggestion to  

keep holding this kind of event. It was the beginning of the annual project

named “Sustainability Weeks.”


Related Events/Activities

GiFT logo 3

GiFT -Global Issues Forum for Tomorrow- (2011-2016)

GiFT is a two-hour online forum for high school and college students over the world to exchange opinions to address global issues hosted by Hokkaido University, Japan. Archived videos are available on YouTube (


G8 University Summit/ Sapporo Sustainability Declaration (PDF/ 5.3MB)   Index (PDF/83KB)

Theme: Global Sustainability and the Role of Universities

Hokkaido University hosted the first G8 University Summit to have the participation of 140 university presidents, including those from the 35 United Nations Universities as well as others from universities in 14 major countries.

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