Open Innovation Hub “ENREISO”

Previously known as Faculty House Trillium, as of October 2023, the building has been renewed and renamed to Open Innovation Hub “ENREISO.” The entire building facilitates the users’ needs for (co)working: meeting rooms, high-speed network connections, presentation lounges, and equipment. Toilets and vending machines are available on the ground floor. 


Registration is required to use any of the facilities in the Open Innovation Hub “ENREISO.” Until December 2023, the entire facility is free of charge for all registered users. External registered users who are not university-level students (of any university) will be charged for fees from January 2024. 


Please visit ENREISO’s official website for registration and reservation:

Accessible hours: 8:00-23:00 (open all year long except on Dec. 29-Jan. 3)



Tel: 011 – 706 – 9710

West 8, North 11, North Ward, Sapporo City

Updated on   November 15, 2023