Botanic Garden

Hokkaido University Botanic Gardens are the oldest of their kind in Japan, opening in 1886. The Gardens’ origins go back a decade before this, when a greenhouse was built on the site.

Today, the site is 400 meters square, and consists mainly of old growth trees including alpine varieties. With around 4,000 kinds of plants and a museum, it is the perfect getaway from the big city, and conveniently located just a few minutes walk from Sapporo Station.

The museum, known as the Natural History Museum, exhibits Ainu artifacts, local archaeological and biological specimens, and the stuffed body of the famous ‘Taro’, one of two sled dogs which survived Japan’s first ever mission to Antarctica in 1958. Taro amazingly survived with his brother Jiro after being deserted and left to fend for himself for a year. The incident received widespread coverage in the Japanese media at the time and aroused considerable public interest.

The gardens are proudly owned and operated by Hokkaido University’s Faculty of Agriculture and have become one of Sapporo’s most popular retreats. Whilst students are a common sight within the gardens, the public are also welcome to discover the beauty of this old and treasured place.

The Summer Season ends on Nov.3! But the Winter Season (green house) starts Nov.4! (see below for details)

The gardens, greenhouse and museum are open from April 29 until Nov. 3.

Summer Season

Term Opening Hours Note
April 29- Sept. 30 9:00-16:30 (entrance until 16:00)
October 1 – Nov. 3 9:00 -16:00 (entrance until 15:30)

Summer season days closed: Mondays (except if Monday is a holiday, the next day)
Depending on the weather, other days may also be closed. Check before you come!

Admission Fees

Admission is free for students, and University staff. You must show your ID.

Fees for non-University affiliated persons Individual


(30 or more persons)

Adults (high school students and above) 420 yen 350 yen
Minors (grade school and junior high school)

300 yen

240 yen

Free admittance day: Greenery Day/Midori no hi (May 4)



(high school students and above)


(grade school and junior high school)

Multiple admittance tickets (6 ) 2,220 yen 1,620 yen

Update: To prevent the Coronavirus spread, the entire garden will be closed during Winter Season until further notice

Winter Season (green house) Opening hours  Nov.4 –  April 28

Day Opening Hours Note

Mon. – Fri.

10:00 – 15:30 (entrance until 15:00)
Sat. 10:00 – 12:30 (entrance until 12:00)
Winter season days closed: Sundays, holidays, and end of year (Dec. 28 – January 4)


Winter Season (green house)  Admission Fees

Above grade school age 120 yen

Updated on   October 26, 2020