Lodges and Huts

Need a break from studying and want to get out into the wilderness? Here is a list of lodges and huts that the university owns and rents out to student groups. For information on how to rent, please see the Japanese page here or telephone 011-706-7546.

Name Capacity Period Club Heating Nearby mountains
Okuteine Hut 40

Jan. – Apr. and Dec. Sat/Sun only

Wandervogel Club Coal stove Mt. Okuteine
Soranuma Hut 30 Closed since Oct. 2006 due to ground movement Academic Alpine Club Wood stove Mt. Soranuma
Helvetia Hut 12 All year round. Sat/Sun only Academic Alpine Club Wood stove

Mt. Yoichi

Mt. Shirai
Mt. Asari

Muine Hut 30 All year around. Sat/Sun only Ski Mountaineering Circle Wood stove Mt. Muine
Paradise Hut 30 All year round. Sat/Sun only Hokkaido University Yama-no-kai (alumni organization of mountain-related clubs) Wood stove Mt. Teine

Please note that bedding is NOT provided.

Updated on   August 24, 2020