Coop University Dining

There are many Co-op cafeterias on campus all offering nutritious foods at low prices. You can either pay for your meal in cash or purchase a pre-paid meal card to use these cafeterias. The meal card is like a season ticket for all Co-op cafeterias. Some cafeterias also feature a Halal menu.

To find the location of our cafeterias, use our online map here and then select ‘Dining’ from the menu on the right hand side.

Below is a brief description on how to use the cafeterias. It’s simple!

01 Take a tray.
02 Go to the counter of your choice and order your food.

Take the amount of salad you want from the self-service buffet. (Optional)


Take a side dish, dessert, and/or drink. (Optional)

05 Pay at the cash register in cash or with your pre-paid card.
06 Take chopsticks or cutlery.
07 Take water or tea.(Free of charge)
08 Enjoy your meal on any available table.
09 After eating, take your tray to the collection point.

Updated on   October 25, 2021