Hokkaido University contributed to the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development,2005-2014 (DESD) in its final year by gathering five presenters who committed themselves to human development in their own specialized domain for the realization of a sustainable society for GiFT 2014 in fields such as radioactive decontamination, micro-satellite observation, sustainable campus creation, and science communication. Emeritus Professor Akira Suzuki, 2010 Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry was on stage as a special guest.

The live webcast on November 8th, 2014 attracted college students, high school students and teachers from 253 different countries including Canada, Malaysia, the Philippines, Nigeria, and the USA. Associate Professor Emma Cook, a previous presenter, moderated the 1.5-hour webcast and presented a series of five pre-recorded short lectures, each of which invited youths in engage in future collaboration. The inspired audience gave over 200 comments and questions on Facebook.

Invitations to the 2015 Hokkaido University Experience Tour were given to three active participants of the live discussion: a Japanese language teacher in Indonesia, a high school student in Sweden, and a college student in the United Kingdom. Click here for their tour reports.

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Archived videos

Keizo Yamaguchi

“Towards the Resolution of Global Issues”

Ph.D. in Science, President of Hokkaido University

Yukihiro Takahashi

“Micro-satellite Provides Solutions on Earth”

Ph.D. in Science
Research Area: Space Mission Design
Affiliation: Faculty of Science

Schuko Ohtsu

“Science Visionaries Change Our Future”

M.D. in Design
Research Area: Science Communication, Design
Affiliation: The Communication in Science & Technology Education & Research Program (CoSTEP)

Naoko Watanabe

“Learning in the Field: Environmental Radiation in Fukushima”

Ph.D. in Engineering
Research Area: Environmental Engineering
Affiliation: Faculty of Engineering

Maki Ikegami

“Sustainable Campus as a Research Field”

Ph.D. in Environmental Science
Research Area: Renewable Energy and Community
Affiliation: Office for a Sustainable Campus


Emma Cook


Ph.D. in Anthropology
Research Area: Cultural Anthropology, Japanese Freeters
Affiliation: International Student Center


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Hokkaido University Experience Tour 2015

There were three participants in the 2015 tour.

– An undergraduate student from the United Kingdom (May 2015)

– A high school student from Sweden (June 2015)

– A high school teacher from Indonesia (July 2015)

Find what the tour is like in the Experience Tour Reports made by the previously invited students.

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